JAM (Just-a-Minute) School Program
    Providing FREE resources that educators are using to bring health education and physical activity into the school environment.

    Use our resources and connect with one of our fitness professionals.

    About JAM School Program

    JAM provides free wellness tools for schools

    JAM resources offer simple, fun, energetic fitness routines and healthier living tips that people of all ages and abilities can confidently participate in and use.

    JAM Fitness Videos with Fitness Pros – use the routines & connect with a pro

    Use the routines and connect with a pro. National fitness professionals lead fun, energetic fitness routines that can be done standing or sitting in place. Each routine is available to stream and in .pdf format. Visit our team page and you and students can connect with a pro any time.

    JAMmin’ Minute ®

    A quick, simple fitness routine that includes 5 easy exercises that kids (and staff) can do while either standing at their desk or sitting in a chair. Included on each issue is a health tip, something simple that teaches a healthier habit. Routines are authored by our experts and we invite schools to submit routines to us!

    JAM Blast ®

    One-page wellness sheet authored by athletes or fitness pros with healthy living and eating messages and a coordinating 3-5 minute exercise routine that focuses on that pro’s idea about what is most important for peak performance. Fun facts about each author are included.

    Monthly Newsletter

    A one-page health newsletter packed full of nutrition, fitness and health tips designed for school-age kids and their parents, and school personnel.

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    Our Philosophy

    Exercise is the single best gift you can give your self and to those around you.

    Fit people do better

    Being fit improves your confidence, self-esteem, learning and makes you happier

    Being fit allows you to perform at your peak

    When you are fit, you are able to be your personal best in all that you do

    100% of the population can be fit to their personal best

    Fitness is unique to each of us

    We owe kids the opportunity to learn the importance of being fit and healthy

    Habits learned in childhood will be carried into adulthood

    We are passionate about inspiring and motivating kids and adults to learn to love exercise.

    Fitness affects 100% of the population. Being fit improves every aspect of your life and everyone has an opportunity to be fit. When we are fit, we maximize our potential to be our very best. Fitness has the potential to be a great equalizer - everyone has an opportunity to be fit and it does not discriminate. If we as a society made “fitness” our priority, we could breakdown significant societal barriers.
    Patti Howell, Founder, JAM School Program

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    JAM Promoters & Supporters

    JAM School Program Promoters & Supporters

    Happier kids are healthier.
    Healthier kids are happier.

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